Links to the Likeminded

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                                                   Links to the Likeminded                                                          

The links below are provided to our members are included to aid in member awareness, education and discourse.  Whether you are seeking information about a particular subject or simply searching for likeminded conversation, we hope the website links serve your needs.

Have you surfed a new site lately and notice that it is not included below?  If you would like to share it with fellow members, contact us through the Squeeky Clean Contact page and we will add the address to our list of links.



     A  (Global Energy Marketplace)  (Transportation Technology Center)  (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)  (Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment)  (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy)  (Association for Commuter Transportation)  (Advanced Transit Association)  (Recycling Information and Education)  (Alternative Fuels Data Center)   (Webcams from Africa)  (European Commission For Renewable Energy Sources)  (Natural Products)  (Electric Vehicle Progress)  (Aluminum Can Recycling)  (Institute of Global Warming and Ecological Issues)  (Recycling Manager)  (Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations)  (American Rivers)  (Mike Walter’s Wetlands Page)  (Animal Diversity Web)  (American Public Transportation Association)  (Aquatic, Wetland, and Invasive Plant Manuals, Field Guides and Textbooks)  (Automotive Recyclers Association) (Arbor Day Foundation)  (Aquatic and Wetland Plant Forum)  (Arkansas Animal Tracks)  (Endangered Species Recovery Program)  (American Road & Transportation Builders Association ARTBA)  (Alliance to Save Energy)  (American Solar Energy Society)  (Rotten Truth About Garbage)  (The Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. – ASWMI)  (Alternative Technology Association)  (Atlantic Orient Corporation – Wind Turbines)  (Wetland Archaeology & Environments Research Centre)  (Centre for Atmospheric Science)  (Department of Atmospheric Sciences)  (Human Health and the Environment)  (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)  Amalgamated Transit Union)  (Steel Recycling)  (Australian Water Association)  (Arizona Solar Center)   (National Audubon Society)  (Audubon Nature Institute)  (American Wind Energy Association)  (African Wildlife Foundation)  (Air & Waste Management Association)


     B  (Water Quality Group)  (Recycle Plastics)  (Bagheera: In the Wild: Vanishing)  (Basel Action Network)  (Bat Conservation International)  (Bat Conservation Trust)  (Recycling Product News)  (The World Sustainable Agriculture Association)  (British Columbia Wetlands Society)  (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation)  (Best Practices Database)  (Bicycle Alliance of Washington)  (Leagues of American Bicyclists)  (Bikes on Transit)  (Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc,)  (National Center for Walking and Biking)  (Bioenergy Information Network)  (Bureau of International Recycling)  (Hawaii’s Endangered and Threatened Species)  (Born Free Foundation)  (The Brainerd Foundation)  (British Wind Energy Association)  (Bureau of Transportation Statistics)


     C  (Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention)  (Climate Analysis Indicators Tool)  (Advanced Transportation Website)  (Alternative Fuels)  (Capitol Reports Environmental News Link)  (Canadian Arctic Resources Committee)  (Coalition for Alternative Transportation)  (Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand)  (Centre for Alternative Technology)  (Californians Against Waste)  (Fostering Sustainable Behavior)  (Center for Clean Air Purity)  (Center for Construction and Development)  (California Center for Land Recycling)  (Earth System Research Laboratory)  (Centre for Development and Environment)  (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center)  (Consumer Energy Council of America) (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)  (California Environmental Education)  (Creative Energy Technologies)  (Centre for Sustainable Design)  (Center for Transportation Excellence)  (Center for Global Change)  (Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments)  (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)  (Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine)  (Chemicals, Pesticides and Human Health)  (Watershed Restoration Program)  (Cleaner Production in China)  (Human Powered Transportation Committee)  (Local Sustainability)  (Critical Mass Energy Project)  (children’s International Wildlife Sanctuary)  (Clean Up Australia)  (Argus Clearinghouse: Sustainable Development)  (Climate Institute)  (Climate Action Network)  (Minnesota Climatology Working Group)  (National Council for Science and the Environment)  (Center for Neighborhood Technology)  (CO2 Science Magazine)  (Communication Initiative)  (Society for Conservation Biology)  (Conservation International)  (Green Printing and Writing Papers)  (Container Recycling Institute)  (European Sustainability)  (Context Institute – Humane Sustainable Culture)  (Climate Prediction Center)  (Caribbean Recycling Foundation, Inc.)  (Community Recycling Network, UK)  (Climatic Research Unit)  (Cultural Survival)  (Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center)  (Center for Sustainable Systems)  (Cornell Composting)  (Community Transportation Association of America)  (Conservation Technology Information Center)  (Center for Urban Transportation Research)  (Directory for Sustainable Development)

     D  (Green Foundation)  (D.C. Audubon)  (Defenders of Wildlife)  (Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta)  (Pennsylvania’s Recycling Page)  (NH Wetlands Bureau)  (Fuel Cells)  (Digital Field Trip to Wetlands)  (US Department of Transportation)  (Wildlife Rehabilitator)  (Ducks Unlimited)  (Ducks Unlimited Canada)  (Restoring Wetland Habitat at Duluth’s Grassy Point)

     E  (Inland Waters – Wetlands)  (Electric Auto Association)    (Recycle Centers)  (Earth Charter Institute)  (Earth Day Network)  (Earth Day Network)  (Earth Day Bag Recycle School Project)   (The Institute for Earth Education)  (Earth Island Institute)  (Destination: Earth)   (Earth Day Site)   (World Resources Institute)  (Earth Watch Institute)  (Environmental Bureau of Investigation)  (European Recycling and the Environment)  (Climate Change – Canada)  (Environmental Change Network)  (Energy Information on the Internet)  (Wetlands Education System)  (Ecology Action)  (Eco IQ – Sustainable Communities)  (Eco-kids, Canada)  (Land Donations)  (Links to Recycled Products)  (The Commons)  (Energy Service Company)  (Eco Sustainable Hub)  (Design Strategy)  (Earth Friendly Store)  (Earthshots:  Satellite Images of Environmental Change)  (Environmental Defense Fund)  (WETNET) (Energy and Environmental Research Center)  (Energy, Environment and Resources Center)  (Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center) (Environmental Education & Training Program)  (Energy Crossroads) (National Environmental Education Advancement Project)  (Audubon Canyon Ranch)  (Stanford Geothermal Program)  (Energy Information Administration)  (Electric Drive Transportation Association)  (Environmental Laboratory Wetlands)  (Environmental Law and Policy Center)  (Environmental Leadership Program) (Environmental Online Magazine) (For Kids: A 5 week Book Journey for the Planet)  (California Energy Commission) (Electric Power)  (Energy Literacy Advocates)  (Energystar Products) (Environmental News Network)  (Eno Transportation Foundation) (Environmental New Service)  (Duke University Wetland Center)  (Center for Wetlands)  (Recycled Trash Bags)  (Wetlands for Treatment of Mine Drainage)  (Pollution Equipment News)  (Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Center of Expertise)  (Green Building)  (Environmental Systems of America) (High School Environmental Competition)  (Environmental Recycling)  (Environmental Support Center) (Environmental Protection Agency)  (DOE Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse)  (Endangered Species and Wetlands Report)  (American Coalition for Ethanol)  (Electric Transit Vehicle Institute)  (Eureka! Recycled Papers)  (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council)  (European Wind Energy Association) (Environmental Working Group)

     F  (Transit-Focused Development) (Sustainable Culture) (Sustainable Programs)  (Sustainable Development Dimensions)  (Urban Planning Growth)  (Wetlands Research Center)  (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century)  (Wetland Ecosystem Team – WET)  (Massachusetts Audubon Society)  (Auto-Free Ottawa)  (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)  (Friends of the Earth)  (Fossil-of-the-Day Awards)  (Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development)  (Friends of Wetlands – FOWL)  (Federal Railroad Administration)  (Florida Solar Energy Center)  (Federal Transit Administration)  (Green Business News and Information)  (National Wetlands Inventory)

     G  (Global Eco Village Network)  (Real Goods)  (Group Against Smog and Pollution)  (Green Cross International)  (Global Change Master Directory)  (WWW Virtual Library: Urban Environmental Management)  (Climate System Research Center)   (Global Hydrology and Climate Center)  (Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands)  (Recycle Scrap Trading Exchange) (The Globe Project)  (WetNet)  (Growth Management Institute)   (Golden Gate Audubon Society)  (The Gorilla Foundation)  (Glass Packaging Institute)  (Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)  (US Global Change Research Information Office)  (Great Lakes Information Network)  (California Environmental)  (The Sustainable Building Coalition)  (Green Design Network)  (Electricity)  (American Trucking Associations: Green Truck)  (Global Recycling Network)  (GrassRoots Recycling Network)  (Global System for Sustainable Development)  (Georgia Wildlife Federation)

      H  (High Country News)  (Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change)  (Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter)  (Urban Transportation News)  (Friends of Bushy Park Wetlands)  (Handbook of Energy Crops)  (Healthy Communities Environmental Mapping)  (The Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary)  (National Hydrogen Association)  (National Hydropower Association)

     I  (International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)  (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)  (Sustainable Farming Connection)  (Cities for Climate Protection)   (International Union for Conservation of Nature)  (Eldis  -  Sustainable Development for Southern Countries)  (International Energy Agency)  (IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme)   (Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development  (International Geothermal Association)  (International Institute for Sustainable Development)  (Fuels)  (The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology)  (IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library)  (International Ozone Association)  (Climate Research)  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)  (International POPs Elimination Network)  (Institution Recycling Network)  (International Solar Energy Society)  (Ecosource Paper Inc.)  (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries)  (Environmental and Societal Impacts Group)  (International Transportation Management Association)  (Institute for Transportation Research and Education)  (ITS America)  (Institute of Transportation Studies)  (Intelligent Transportation Systems)  (Institute of Transportation Studies)  (Rising Waters)  (Wetlands and Water Resources Programme)  (International Wildlife Coalition)  (IWLA Sustainability Education Project)

      J  (Climate Change Information Network)  (Journal of International Wildlife Law Policy)  (Guide to Composting)


     K  (Keep America Beautiful)  (The Imagination Factory – Recycling)  (Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation)  (Kushiro International Wetland Centre) 

     L  (Los Angeles Audubon Society)  (Louisiana Coastal Restoration Web Site)  (LEAD International)  (Recycling UK)  (Network for Change)  (Project on Environment, Population and Security)  (Guide to Sustainable Healthy Living)  (Light Rail Central)  (Bicycle Fixation)  (Living on Earth)  (Tracking and Analysis Framework for Acid Rain)

     M  (ATLSS – Across Tropic Level System Simulation)  (Arkansas Multi-Agency Wetland Planning Team)  (Marine Conservation Biology Institute)  (McMurdo Dry Valleys – Long Term Ecological Research)  (Mass Transit Magazine)  (Sustainable Minnesota)  (Center for Health and the Global Environment)  (American Methanol Institute)  (Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research)  (Cornell University NW Regional Climate Center)  (Sustainable Future)  (Mountain Forum)  (The Source for Renewable Energy)

      N (North American Association for Environmental Education)  (US National Assessment)  (National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network)  (National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium)  (Native American Fish & Wildlife Society)  (Constructed Wetlands Bibliography)  (PET Plastic Recycling Program)  (Space Transportation – Marshall Space Flight Center)  (Transportation Research Board) (The Nature Conservancy)  (Nature Alley by Nature Ali)  (Green Mountain Audubon)  (Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium)  (NCAR)  (National Climatic Data Center)  (National Council for Science and the Environment)  (National Energy Foundation)  (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii)  (Light Bulb/Lamp Recycle)  (Nature of New England)  (NERC)  (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association)  (Salton Sea, California)  (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)  (Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition)  (New Hope Environmental Services)  (National Personal Transportation Survey)  (BIRDNET) (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)  (Litter Campaign)  (Noise Pollution Clearinghouse)  (Sightline Institute)  (Vanishing Wetlands) (National Park Service)  (Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)  (National Recycling Coalition)  (National Response Center)  (Break the Chain)  (National Wind Technology Center & National Renewable Energy Laboratory)  (Natural Resources Institute)  (Climate Change Science)  (National Transit Institute)  (National Transportation Library)  (National Wildlife Federation)  (National Wetlands Research Center)  (National Audubon Society of New York State)  (New Zealand Geothermal Association)

      O  (World’s Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide)  (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Fact Sheet)  (National Ocean Service)  (Oregon Environmental Council)  (Office of Energy Efficiency)  (US Fusion Energy Sciences Program)  (Ohio Wetlands Foundation)  (Compost Resource Page)  (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  (Al Gore’s Interactive Book – Environmental Solutions)  (Our Planet Environmental News)  (Waste management, Soil Remediation)  (Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation)  (Operation Wildlife)

     P  (National Pollution Prevention Roundtable)  (Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center)  (Endangered Species Information Network)  (Pacific Rivers Council)  (Sustainable Development)  (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways)  (Journey into Amazonia)  (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis)  (Perils for Pedestrians)  (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility)  (Pew Center on Global Climate Change)  (High Speed Ground Transportation Association)  (Precycle)  (Sprawl Guide)  (American Planning Association)  (Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers)  (Energy News)  (Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center)  (The Point Reyes Bird Observatory)  (Predator Conservation Alliance)  (Wholesale Sources – Recycled Products)  (Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands)  (UK Public Transport Information)  (Wetland Science Institute – WLI) (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center)


     R  (Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge)  (The Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA)  (Free Recycling – UK)  (Rails to Trails  -  Rail Corridor Reclamation)  (Ramsar Convention on Wetlands) (Rainforest Action Network)  (Waste Minimization and Resource Conversation) (Recharger Magazine)  (Renewable Energy Concepts)  (Recoup Recycling)  (Resource Recycling Systems)  (Recycler’s World)  (Recycling Campaign)  (Steel Recycling Institute)  (Recycline, Inc.)  (The Recycling Team)  (British Glass Recycling Education)  (Magazine)  (Residential Environmental Design)  (Rewilding Institute)  (Resources for the Future)  (West Eugene Wetlands Project)  (Quest of the Ringleaders – Recycling Cyber Game)  (Resource Renewal Institute)  (Rocky Mountain Institute)

S (Composting Toilet System)  (Sandia National Laboratories: Wind Energy Technology)  (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education)  (Save A Cup Recycling)  (Alternative Fuel Technology Center)  (Club)  (Pollution Prevention Institute) (Pollution Information Site)  (Renewable Energy News)  (Science Magazine)  (Sustainable Development Communications Network SCDN)  (Sustainable Development Institutes)  (Pop Planet)  (Sustainable Development Networking Programme)  (Lost Wetlands)  (Sustainable Development)  (Global Warming)  (Sustainable Energy and Economy Network)  (Students United for a Responsible Global Environment)  (Computer Recycle)  (Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory)  (Slower Speeds Initiative)  (Hydric Soils of the United States)   (Design Information & Equipment)  (Solar Energy International)  (Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc.)  (Solar Living Institute)  (Solar Utilities Network)  (Southwest Technology Development Institute)  (Chanslor Wetlands Wildlife Project)  (Sound Transit Online)  (Scott Polar Research Institute)  (Climate Dynamics-Geophysics & Geodesy)  (Towra Point Nature Reserve)  (Ocean Pollution)  (Endangered Species Coalition)  (A Guide to Internet Resources in Sustainable Development)  (Rezachek & Associates)  (Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development)  (Sustainable Communities)  (Florida Sustainable Communities Center)  (Sustainability Institute)  (Sustainable Life)  (Society of Wetland Scientists)

     T  (Transportation Association of Canada)  (Transport Canada)  (Transit Cooperative Research Program)  (Teaming With Wildlife)  (Tata Energy Research Institute)  (Terrene Institute) (The Student Conversation Association)  (Travel Model Improvement Program)  (Texas Parks and Wildlife: Wetland Ecology)  (Wildlife Trade Monitoring Program) (Trains Magazine)  (Transportation Action Network)  (Transportation Alternatives)  (Transportation Environmental Resource Center) (Argonne National Laboratory)  (Transportation Choices Coalition)  (Transweb)  (Transportation Research Board)  (The Real Earth Environmental Company)  (Recycled Paper)  (Planet Power)  (Transit Standards Consortium)  (Global Change Data Center – GCDC)  (Tennessee Valley Audubon Society)  (Texas Solar Energy Society)

U  (Universities Council on Water Resources) (The Union of Concerned Scientists)  (CSERGE)  (National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology)  (Urban Land Institute)  (Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment)  (University Field Station – Delta Marsh)  (National Environment Technology Institute) (Endangered Species Update)  (United Nations Sustainable Development)  (Sustainable Development Networking Program) (United Nations Environmental Programme)  (National Councils for Sustainable Development NCSD)  (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)  (Urban Rail)  (Sustainable Urban Neighborhood Initiative)  (US Bureau of Reclamation)  (Bi-weekly Newsletter) (US Global Change Research Program)  (US Geological Survey)  (Center for Urban Transportation Studies)

V  (Alternative Fuel)  (Ventana Wilderness Alliance)  (Victoria Transport Policy Institute)

     W  (Serves Public and Private Sector)  (Regional and National Waste Exchanges)  (Water Partners International) (Water Industry)  (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)  (NWCC – Wetlands by County)  (CEEI: America’s Threatened Streams)  (Wildlife Conservation Society) (Weathervane)  (Green Teacher)  (Paper Recycling Working Group)  (New Hampshire Department of Transportation)  (Water Environment Federation)  (Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education)  (Australian Wetlands Online)  (Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center)  (Oregon)   (Wetlands International Homepage)  (The Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia)  (Center for Whale Research) (Council on Environmental Quality)  (Whole Systems Foundation)  (Woods Hole Research Center)  (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit)  (The Wilderness Society)  (Wildlife Society)  (Wildlife Habitat Council)  (UK)  (Wildlife West Nature Park)  (Wildlife Conservation Network)  (Environmental Change and Security Project)  (Southwest Windpower, Inc.)  (Wildlife Land Trust)  Wildlife Management Interactive)  (World Meteorological Organization)  (World Energy Council)  (Synoptic Climatology Lab)  (Virtual Library on International Development)  (World Watch Institute)  (Composting)  (Waste & Resources Action Programme)  (Western Regional Climate Center)  (World Resources Institute)  (Alternative Energy Institute)  (Women’s Transportation Seminar)   (World Wildlife Fund – Canada)  (Partners for Wetlands)  (The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)


     Y  (Youth Can)

     Z  (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives)  (Zero Population Growth)