Pending Programs

                                                           PENDING PROGRAMS

Climate change has adversely affected many areas of the world recently and shows signs of becoming more extreme. As a result, property damage numbers keep climbing. Not only are private property owners and businesses suffering, so are public institutions such as schools. Unfortunately, every time a school is struck by a tornado, flooded, or damaged by fire the ones that lose the most are the students. Additionally, school districts are already threatened by floundering economies so replacing valuable tools like computers and books becomes a task not easily achieved. Both of Squeeky Clean’s Pending Programs are designed to attempt to address this problem.

                                                               The Reclaimed Library Book Program

When attending college I noticed that the campus library purged their books twice a year to make room for new material. I picked some wonderful books out of the dumpsters that I still possess today. The knowledge contained within is still important and in some areas of study, while updated, virtually remains unchanged. I often wondered why these outdated books were not donated instead of dumped and destroyed. The Reclaimed Library Book Program proposes that Squeeky Clean act as a liaison between college and university libraries that purge their books and high schools needing to replace and replenish damaged library stock. In order for us to achieve this goal, we are asking our membership for help. Do you reside near or on a college/university campus? Would you be willing to contact the campus library to gather information concerning their procedure for disposing of outdated material? If so, please click on the link below to print a form for information required for the program database. We have also included an application form for high schools in need of assistance. As data is gathered, we can begin to pair college and university libraries with high schools. Books can be boxed and shipped directly from the donating institution to the recipient school. This becomes a win-win situation as books are not destroyed, donated material is tax deductible (as is the shipping cost) and damaged library stock at the high school level is partially supplemented. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Reclaimed Library Book Program, please either print, or download the necessary form, contact the appropriate entities, and email or snail mail the completed form to Squeeky Clean at the address located on our contact page.

                                                           The Recycled Electronic Equipment Project

The Recycled Electronics Equipment Program is similar in nature to The Reclaimed Library Book Program, just slightly different as far as principle players. Approximately a year ago, I had a conversation with a computer tech at my local computer store…not a big box store. I was surprised to learn that their recycling program consisted of loading outdated equipment on a semi-trailer to be shipped to a larger recycling center, where often, it is loaded on a slow boat to China (literally) where the components are disassembled by villagers to remove the heavy metals. Problem is, the villagers possess no modern methods for removing the toxic metals. So, all of this is accomplished over an open fire. The end result of the entire process is poisoned villagers, poisoned environment and costly shipping costs to “recycle” computer components. My tech shared that the cost is $600.00 per load to have their traded in components shipped for recycle. She also stated that she would be willing to lend her technical skills to a recycle effort. The purpose of our Electronic Reclamation Project is two-fold. First is to insure that recycled computers find their way into the possession of damaged schools and students in need, and second, through this recycling process to lessen the shiploads of equipment to China. We at Squeeky Clean intend to act as liaison between small commercial outlets that choose to participate, matching donated, recycled equipment with those in need. Again, we are seeking volunteers to aid in the creation and implementation of this project. Please click on the link “Pending Programs Forms” to participate.