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Welcome to Squeeky Clean's SCRE (Squeeky Clean Real Estate) Invest.  Our mission is to facilitate green housing practices through investment to reclaim and recycle properties utilizing green practices.  Whether you are an investor, need to sell your home, or would like to purchase a property, we can help!  Are you facing foreclosure?  Have you inherited a property you simply cannot afford?  Are you a new investor searching for a way to supplement your retirement income?  Whatever your situation, we may be able to provide you with a solution.


If you're a real estate investor, you know that there are a number of ways in which to profit in the real estate market.  Whether your primary goal is long term ownership of rental properties, or buy, selling and renovating homes in a flip or short term situation, we can probably agree that the biggest task is finding the right deal.  I admire the investor who takes the long term view and builds a solid portfolio of rental properties.  A great many really high net worth individuals take this approach.  I would perfer to take smaller profits in shorter time frames, so I've developed solid marketing strategies and sources to locate properties that I can bring to long term investors at prices that produce positive cash flows.

The resources I bring to you include the marketing that locates potential properties, but also a thorough knowledge of the local market rents and what properties are in demand by tenants.  I do a comprehensive rental market analysis and evaluation of each property.  Some even come equipped with a current tenant paying market rent.  If your window for profits is shorter term, perhaps you're renovating and reselling, I am a great resource for the approach as well.  My marketing and sources bring me excellent deals on a regular basis.

I work hard to find highly motivated sellers.  I follow up the first contact with a thorough evaluation of the property and the market.  I look at the current condition and the After Repair Value.  When I bring you a deal, you'll get the numbers pre-crunched.  I've created my real estate investing niche as a funnel for other investors.  I process a great many potential deals that I find through my marketing sources.  When my standards allow a property to pop out of the bottom of the funnel, it's a deal that will fit your investing goals.  Email me today at, or for a chat about how we can team up for profits.


Thanks for visiting this area of's SCRE Invest, for those who need to sell a home quickly.  I am a real estate investor, but I don't always buy and sell homes myself.  As an investor, I have developed an extensive list of buyers and other investors who are in the market for a home, perhaps one just like yours.  In slow real estate markets, traditional marketing methods used by Realtors can keep a home on the market for long periods of time.  And there are reasons that require selling a home as quickly as possible.  These reasons may include: to sell an estate, moving for a job, settling a divorce or falling behind on the mortgage payments.  Whatever your reasons for needing to sell your home, I can help, and I will likely have buyers on my list right now who are waiting for a home just like it.  It's not just matching buyers and sellers like you.  I have extensive experience in strategies and solutions to getting homes sold with creative financing options, or even a straight cash investor buyer, I specialize in making sales happen.

It surprises many who email me that they've been trying to sell their homes for months with no result, yet I can produce a buyer within days to weeks.  And, this buyer comes with cash or planned financing that is already in place.  While real estate agents are marketers, they run their marketing and wait for buyers they don't know to step up.  I have buyers who have already stepped up, given me their criteria for what they want, set up their finances to make the purchase, and now are just waiting for me to bring them the home they want.

In matching your needs with those of a buyer, I'll receive a fee for bringing you together and making a win-win deal happen.  But, it's not a fee you'll need to worry about, as it will come out of the sale proceeds at closing.  I provide a turn-key introduction service that matches your home and a financing option to a ready buyer.  You get your home sold, and the buyer gets the home they've been searching for.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in emailing me right now.  You aren't going to be required to pay any fees, and there is no obligation in consulting with me to see how many buyers I have on my list that will have an interest in your home.  While many consultants charge handsomely for their time in assessing your needs and recommending solutions, I do not.

I want to hear about your home, financial situation, and your goal and time frame for a sale.  I'll give you and experienced opinion or your options based on the current market.  If you want to proceed and I have one or more buyers I believe would be interested in your home, we'll sign an agreement that allows me to present it to them.  Then I'll go out and find a buyer who will be happy to buy your home as quickly as possible.  Remember, there's no cost to you to gain access to my buyer list, so email me at or right now so that we can get your home sold.


Thanks for visiting this area of SCRE Invest, and this page about how I help people to buy a home, even when they think they can't.  I'm a real estate investor, and I work with motivated sellers who want to sell their homes but have been challenged by their current financial and economic situations.  I use a number of different methods and marketing tools to locate these sellers, analyze their situations, and then recommend solutions.  This allows me to build a portfolio of great homes a bargain prices with flexible purchase arrangements. 

If you want to buy a home, but you don't have 20% for a down payment, or maybe you have credit issues, there's a lot of discouraging news out there.  While the established lenders are forced to operate under strict guidelines requiring higher down payments and high credit scores, I'm helping buyers just like you to move into their new home with little or no down payments.  And, a low credit score or previous foreclosure or bankruptcy does not get in the way.  This isn't a "too good to be true" story.  There are a number of ways in which you can buy a home with no down payment at all, or with down money as low as a couple or three months rent.  You can move in right away, and without waiting a couple of months for a closing.  How can I do this when the established housing and mortgage industries can't?

First, I work hard to find sellers who really need to sell soon, and they are no longer concerned with getting top dollar.  They are motivated and there ano real estate agents involved.  I help them to figure out the steps they can take to achieve their goal of selling as soon as possible.  I have homes like this in inventory most of the time.  Then we work out a way for you to move in with a financing arrangement that works for both you and the seller.  It could be owner financing, or it could be through a lease-purchase or rent-to-own arrangement.  Every situation and home is unique, so the details vary.  I also go out and find homes for buyers.  If I don't have the one you want available right now, I'll take your requirements and go out and locate one.  Why worry about how long it will take to build up your credit score and a high down payment?  Email me right now at or, and I'll find you the home of your dreams.  You could be in your own home before your next rent payment!


What's going on in our country right now, and has been for some time, with so many going into foreclosure is due to outrageous loans made to almost anyone who could sign their name.  In different parts of the country, many lenders even commited fraud by placing a higher value on homes than they were worth, simply so they could inflate the amount of the loan needed by the homeowner, and boost their own profits.  The fears over the US sub-prime mortgage market have triggered a global credit crunch playing havoc with Wall Street stock portfolios, and dragging down global markets.  In case you're not familiar with the term, Sub-prime loans are offered at high interest rates, and usually on adjustable terms, to Americans who have a poor credit rating, and might otherwise be denied loans.  But as interest rates rose, so did those adjustable payments, leaving many homeowners stretched beyond their means.  You or someone you know may be facing this now.

There are many ways to stop a foreclosure.  If you are presently facing, or are already involved in the foreclosure process, please call my foreclosure hotline at 877-761-0259 to hear more about your options.  The information is free and being fully informed about your situation is the best response to foreclosure.