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When I was a child, green was just a color, not a political belief or statement.  When I was a teenager, men walked on the moon for the first time, but most of us had never heard of the ozone layer.  When I was in high school, people protested the war in Vietnam not the clear cutting of old growth forest.  We had no idea that this was occurring in Yosemite and other ancient stands. 
Sure, there was air pollution.  We could see that, especially as our view of the mountains dimmed and on some days, was obscured entirely by a thick haze.  The cloud became so soupy at times that the next new word was smog, defined as a sort of smoke combined with fog. As the smog accumulated from valley wall to valley wall, the term ‘brown cloud’ gradually crept into our vocabulary. 
Still, factories belched evermore dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere and our love affair with our cars churned out ever greater amounts of carbon monoxide.  We learned that our plastics are choking wildlife and oil spills coat ocean life with a gooey black death.  Still, we failed to understand that we were, and are, fouling our own nest and poisoning ourselves to boot.  What is worse, our noxious habits are contaminating not only ourselves, but every other species on the planet.
A new term has recently been coined to define our present time period.  Geologists have labeled this epoch as the Anthropocene Era.  Basically for those unfamiliar with this word, this means that human activities have started to literally alter the geology of planet Earth.  Humans are impacting the planet much in the way glaciers altered the landscape millions of years past.  Our chemicals, dams, reservoirs, etc., etc., are altering earth's geological formation.  We are finally capable of competing with nature’s most destructive forces.  Through ignorance and diligent effort we have created global warming and climate change.  Top that Mother Nature!
But if we are going to replace the status quo, isn’t it our responsibility to become good managers?  As adept at managing our planet as, perhaps, let’s say, Mother Nature herself?  Step Up humankind!  It is time to change and accept not only responsibility for what we have created, but to create a new environmental outlook.  After all, this is our home.
For some reason, this seems a good place to state that while the Squeeky Clean website exists to encourage ecological awareness and promote positive green activism, this blog exists to express my personal observations, thoughts and opinions.  Though, I have no intention that the conversation remain one-sided and welcome member insight and input. 
You may have noticed that the banner artwork is devoid of any living creatures.  As the artist, I can assure you that this is intentional.  I vacillate between believing that if we were to disappear the planet would eventually heal itself, and wondering if we have already come too far and will not be capable of reversing the damage already inflicted to our home.  The art reflects the former.

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