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Squeeky Clean is a fully interactive community website. We offer numerous methods for interaction and participation. We request that users review our Terms and Conditions before contributing, as a member’s contributions constitute an implicit contract with Squeeky Clean that infers agreement to all rules, terms and conditions for contributions. Our Submission Guidlines are included below.  Please familiarize yourself with these before submitting to any area of the Squeeky Clean website and check the box affirming that you understand our guidelines.  Membership to Squeeky Clean is required for participation for most areas and is free of charge, as is the majority of our website. Exceptions are noted in the site information listed below. Some of our site is available to the unregistered user. Please refer to the guidelines for your area of interest to determine whether membership is required for participation. Interactive areas of the Squeeky Clean website include: The Barter Basement, Community Questions, the EcoEvents Calendar, Eco-ssential Addresses, Environews and Environews Kids, Forums to the Future, Green Goodies, Green Guidance (tips), Resell Recycleds, the Squeeky Clean Courier Newsletter and Volunteers’ Venue. Squeeky Clean also offers our Links to the Likeminded, Recommended Reading and Vital Viewing pages. Squeeky Clean’s Pending Programs are in the first stages of formulation and represent an important part of our recycle/reuse philosophy. These programs require Squeeky Clean membership and direct community action as well as site interaction. Additionally, members can calculate their Carbon Footprint or via a link, play the Wedge Game. Members can invite their friends to join, chat with other members, and share with their favorite social network such as facebook, twitter and linkedin.  Check out the thoughts of our founder located in her blog Holly's Happenings. The different areas of Squeeky Clean are described below.


Scroll down and decide where you would like to participate. Then cruise over to Squeeky Clean Salutations and create a member ID, password and profile. Next, follow the guidelines for use and contribution for that particular area of the site. ENJOY!


The Barter Basement requires Squeeky Clean membership and a $3.00 USD (Three Dollars) annual subscription fee. For this rate a subscriber may post as many barter ads as desired. We impose no limit on ads for this area. Members can barter item for item, service for service, or item for service. We do not utilize any form for determining the value of the barter. The trade is the sole responsibility of the parties conducting the barter. Click on the Barter Basement link to access the subscription area.  Once we upgrade your membership status to subscriber you can create your first ad.  Because our Barter Basement (as are all squeekyclean.org's ad areas) is organized with zip/mailing codes, this area provides an opportunity for our members to  create community barter networks specifically tailored to an individual member's communities needs.  We urge our members to utilize the Barter Basement as a community trading network.


The plain fact is that we humans pollute our planet by our mere existence.  Collectively our quest for, and use of, various forms of energy to keep us warm, manufacture and transport our goods and motor us through life have been a primary contributor to global warming and the extremes experienced due to climate change.  That we may better understand our individual responsibility to this process, squeekyclean.org offers our members the opportunity to create a carbon account in order to calculate their carbon footprint.  Located in the right sidebar of our home page (Squeeky Clean Salutations) is the link to calculate your personal footprint.  Simply click on the "create content" link then click the link to "carbon account."  From here, you can add carbon stamps which will contribute to your footprint calculations.  How far do you commute?  What is your primary heat source?  Just click on the numerous options to facilitate your calculations.  Later, enter more information by clicking on "my account" in the right sidebar and follow the links.  After opening your account, you can share your footprint with other members or compare your results with theirs.  Just sign up for a free squeekyclean.org membership to take advantage of this feature.


Squeeky Clean’s Community Questions are simple, multiple choice, opinion-poll questions presented to our members once a month. Squeeky Clean will post the results every month. The Community Questions area of the site can be located in the left sidebar of the Squeeky Clean Salutations page. The previous months results are posted below the current question. Members may offer suggestions for questions to be polled using the form located on our contact page.


The EcoEvents Calendar is provided for our members to announce ecological events and celebrations. Squeeky Clean also provides a countdown clock to Earth Day to remind our members of the importance of this international event. Members can locate the EcoEvents Calendar in the right sidebar of the Squeeky Clean Salutations page. By clicking on the calendar link or the Upcoming EcoEvents link members will be taken to a form by which they may submit an event. Additionally, our members will find a links to green sites that support Earth Hour. For those unfamiliar with Earth Hour, the event occurs on the last Saturday in March when computers across the world shut off for an hour specified by time zone. Squeeky Clean’s computers will shut down for one hour at 8:30 Mountain Standard Time on the last Saturday in March. Our website will be unavailable as well for that hour. Members will find the Earth Hour Countdown Switch located in the footer on our Salutations page.


While our Links to the Likeminded provide hundreds of web address to various environmental and green websites, Squeeky Clean’s Essential Addresses pages serve a different purpose. In this area we have provided the physical address and telephone number in addition to a website link for organizations that are important political participants in solutions to climate change. As with most pages of the Squeeky Clean website, we accept member contributions. Contributions may be submitted through our contact page. Just remember to please fill in the subject line when submitting. Squeeky Clean membership is required to submit material to this area. Please refer to the Contribution Guidelines below before you make a submission.


Environews is Squeeky Clean’s onsite news area. Unlike the Squeeky Clean Courier, Environews is always available to members to read or to submit content. Members may contribute news stories by clicking on the Environews link. Just use the form provided to submit your story. Members can also upload images to accompany their submission. Submitted articles must be a minimum of 200 words. Please review our Content Contribution Guidelines before submitting an article, then write an article and let us know what is new in your area of the world.


Environews Kids is for children aged twelve (12) and under. Like adult Environews, the Kids news is always available online for our younger community to read and submit. Images may be uploaded to accompany stories. Submission guidelines are the same as for adult submissions, with the age exception. Adults or teens need to submit to the standard Environews area. We want to hear what our younger readers think. This is their news area.


The Forums to the Future are the discussion area of Squeeky Clean. The Forums promote the dissemination of ideas and constructive action that we may aid in the solution of our ecological difficulties. New users must become members of Squeeky Clean in order to post to the Forums. New Members may upload an avatar image for easy identification. Members may participate in an ongoing discussion or create a new one. We request that members familiarize themselves with our Content Contribution Guidelines before posting to the Forums.


Green Goodies is the area of Squeeky Clean where vendors of green products can post an advertisement annually as a link to their website, an address to their physical location or both. Green Goodies requires a Squeeky Clean membership and a $3.00 USD (Three Dollars) annual subscription fee. For this rate a subscriber may post one (1) advertisement block annually. The advertisement block may be updated at the member’s discretion at any time, for the duration of the member’s subscription.


Green Guidance is the green tips area of Squeeky Clean. Members may suggest content through our contact page. We request that submitted tips be kept to a few lines.


Holly is the founder of Squeeky Clean, LLC and the Squeeky Clean website. Surf over to her blog and find out what’s on her mind and tell her what is on yours!


Links to the Likeminded, Recommended Reading and Vital Viewing are areas of the site where members can stay up to date. Squeeky Clean membership is not required. Content suggestions are accepted from members. Please use the contact form to suggest links to other green websites, a good book or article you’ve recently read, or an environmental film you’ve viewed.



We here at Squeeky Clean currently have two programs under development. Membership to Squeeky Clean is required. We are recruiting volunteers to aid in the creation of both programs. Click on the Pending Programs link at the top of the page to find out more!



Resell Recycleds are gently used goods that are recycled through resell.  Have an item which is still usable, just no longer right for you?  List it and sell it!  Our Resell Recycleds classified ads area requires a $3.00 (Three Dollars) USD annual subscription.  Once a subscription is activated, a subscriber may post as many ads as the subscriber wishes.  Please refer to Squeeky Clean's Submission Guidelines before posting an advertisement.



Squeeky Clean Chat provides a private instant message type chat for our members. Squeeky Clean membership is required to participate. Once you join our community, a small chat bar can be found at the bottom of your browser screen. Clicking on it will open a small pop-up conversation space. Members can chat privately without the time lag of a forum posting.



The Squeeky Clean Courier is our newsletter. Squeeky Clean Membership is required. Additionally, a subscription to the newsletter is required. Subscription to the SC Courier is free of charge. The Courier newsletter is sent via email to subscribers monthly.



The Wedge game appears on our site courtesy of Princeton University and their Carbon Mitigation Initiative. The single stipulation is that our teams share their data and results with Princeton. To play, create a team of 2-4 players per team.  Become familiar with the rules of the game. Print the game pieces and forms from the pages supplied on our site. Play and then either submit your team's results through the Squeeky Clean contact form, or, fill in the forms included with the game and forward them to the address provided for Princeton CMI in the documentation included with the game.


We prefer to emphasize a positive community atmosphere at Squeeky Clean. Our guidelines, therefore, reflect this philosophy. Please review our rules carefully. Should a member’s content contributions be deemed unacceptable, the content will be removed by Squeeky Clean’s administrators and membership of the offender will be revoked. Areas where members can contribute content in various forms include: The Barter Basement, EcoEvents Calendar, Environews, Forums to the Future, Green Goodies, Squeeky Clean Courier Newsletter and Volunteers’ Venue. We accept suggested content for Green Guidance, Links to the Likeminded, Recommended Reading, and Vital Viewing. Members may submit content for these areas by going to the Squeeky Clean Contact page. Please remember to include in the subject line the area of your interest, so that we may better serve your needs and direct your inquiries.


Our rules are simple:

1. Absolutely NO sexual content whatsoever! While we advocate species continuation, we do not promote the barter of such services. This stipulation applies to all member contributed content.

2. Please, no derogatory comments, abusive or profane language. Even though we agree that the environmental situation of our planet is grave and occasionally is best expressed with expletives, Squeeky Clean offers memberships to minors (with parental consent). Need we say more?

3. Please include the site area in the subject line when submitting suggested content.

4. All content submitted to Squeeky Clean becomes the property of Squeeky Clean, LLC.© Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for all the legal stuff concerning content rights.

5.  Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.  Please include the proper annotations when contributing content to the squeekyclean.org website.  Overt plagiarism will constitute revocation of any for of squeekyclean.org member or subscriber.